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ACA Repeal and Replace Survey

Recently, Republican leaders in Congress sent out a letter seeking input from state governors and insurance commissioners asking what type of changes they would like to see as Congress begins its promised march to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act starting next year. However, in their haste to get rid of “Obamacare” as fast as possible, Congress is not listening to or seeking input from the hundreds of thousands of Utahns (and millions more across the country) who benefit from this law.

As we wrote in 2013, one major problem with “repeal and replace” is that the ACA was the result of a grand bargain with many different players. Keeping all of those players at the table may be more difficult than Congress wants to believe.

Nevertheless, we want to hear from you and we want to be sure that Utah’s Congressional delegation hears your voice!

So please tell us - Do you favor repeal of the ACA at the risk of the most popular benefits? Do you favor “repeal and replace” that maintains certain benefits? Tell us what you love or hate - protections for pre-existing conditions, the individual mandate, a subsidy through the Marketplace, or being able to stay on a parent’s plan until you are 26. Are you personally benefitting from the Affordable Care Act? Do you have any suggestions for Congress as they begin to dismantle the ACA?

Please provide your email so that we can follow-up regarding your story and input. We will not share your story without your permission - you may grant it or withhold it in the survey, below.

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