Tell Dan McCay and Utah lawmakers to keep their hands off abortion!

Recently, State Senator Dan McCay rallied with other state lawmakers and the new extreme anti-abortion group, Abortion-Free Utah, at the Utah State Capitol to speak out against a person’s constitutional right to make the private decision to have an abortion. Sen. McCay promised to introduce legislation in 2020 to effectively end all abortions in Utah. He said he hadn’t decided whether his bill would include any exceptions, and said he felt for women who carried “inconvenient” pregnancies, such as in cases of rape or incest. 

Abortion-Free Utah is currently gathering signatures on an anti-abortion petition, which they intend to use to show support for abortion bans like Sen. McCay’s. We need your voice to show Utah does not support infringing on a person’s right to govern their own body!

Abortion will always be a needed option, and this constitutionally protected right is already under attack nationally. Tell Senator Dan McCay and Utah lawmakers to keep their hands off a person’s fundamental right to decide whether to have an abortion.
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