Help Protect Those at Extreme Risk

HB 209, Extreme Risk Protective Order, is a bill sponsored by Rep. Stephen Handy that would enable law enforcement officials and family members to petition courts to temporarily restrain individuals from possessing firearms and ammunition when they pose an imminent threat of harm to themselves or others. If the individual in question is ruled to be a danger to themselves or others and refuses to surrender their firearms, a search warrant would be issued.  

Extreme Risk Protective Orders have wide support from professionals in law enforcement, public and mental health, and advocates of domestic violence prevention, including the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, and American Bar Association. Take action in support of this common sense gun safety bill.  


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Sponsored by: Alliance for a Better Utah


  • - Red flag protective orders have been shown to significantly reduce suicides related to firearms and connect individuals who are a danger to themselves and others with the proper safety and mental health resources.
  • - Utah has a case fatality rate of 87% for firearm related self-harm or suicide. However, over 90% of individuals who attempt suicide and survive do not go on to attempt suicide again. These protective orders can enable families and law enforcement to prevent these tragedies.
  • - In order to temporarily suspend an individual’s ability to possess a firearm, the court must see documented evidence that the individual poses a danger to themselves or others.
  • - This is a pragmatic gun responsibility bill that will empower families to protect their loved ones and empowers law enforcement to protect against individuals they have identified as a danger to themselves or others without violating 2nd Amendment rights or due process.
  • - 13 states have enacted Extreme Risk Protective Orders and 18 others are considering the same. Following enactment of these laws, states have seen positive effects such as a 7.5% reduction of firearm suicides in Indiana and a 13.7% reduction of firearm suicides in Virginia.

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