Ask lawmakers to stop passing abortion restrictions!

Within the past 45 years, Utah has proposed over 84 abortion restriction laws, and passed over 30 of those. Due in part to these legislative actions, there are only two remaining abortion clinics left in the state. But despite the current harsh regulations, the legislature proposes several additional abortion bills nearly every year.  According to the recent Utah Reproductive Rights Survey poll, 80% of Utahns do not want further laws to restrict abortion. The legislature should respect the wishes of its constituents by voting against the many abortion bills proposed this session. Contact your representatives to ensure they honor the wishes of Utahns.

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Talking Points

  • 80% of Utahns do not want further abortion restrictions
  • There are already 30 laws in place--Utah does not need more
  • These laws display no empathy for such a complex issue and limit a woman’s agency during a personal experience
  • Current laws make it difficult for a woman to access abortion, particularly those who are low-income or live in rural areas

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