Ask Gov. Herbert to veto bad abortion bills!

This year, lawmakers have attempted to make a variety of changes to abortion access in Utah. Two particularly extreme bills are SB 76 and SB 174. While these bills have gained some support from politicians who are worried about their re-election in November, recent polling shows that 80% of Utahns oppose further abortion restrictions. Lawmakers’ support of these bills does not reflect what the people want. Utahns believe that the over 30 abortion restrictions already on the books are enough.

But it’s not too late! Governor Herbert still has the ability to veto. Use the form below to contact him today and ask him to support women’s agency in Utah by vetoing these bills.

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Talking Points

  • 80% of Utahns oppose further restrictions on abortion

  • Utah already has over 30 restrictions
  • Lawmakers should pass bills that help Utahns and reflect what they want, not further the agenda of a small group of extreme ideologies
  • Abortion is a private and personal issue that is already heavily regulated
  • These bills are cruel and unnecessary for both patients and doctors

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