Reach Across the Aisle -- Fix our Healthcare!

The Affordable Care Act has problems that need to be fixed. On this point, there is no argument. Premiums, drug prices, and healthcare costs continue to rise. Insurers are leaving the marketplace in states across the nation. 

However, the current plan in Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is also not working. The American Health Care Act as passed out of the House would leave 23 million Americans uninsured and dramatically worsen the quality of insurance for millions more. The Senate continues to work on the details of its own plan but its prospects are no better. The Better Care Reconciliation Act is estimated to leave 22 million Americans uninsured, strip many plans of essential health benefits that improve healthcare, and weaken Medicaid coverage for low-income Americans and those with disabilities. It is no wonder that even Republican members of the Senate can not come to a consensus on how best to move forward.

But there is a better way. It is time for Utah's senators to take the lead and move forward in way that will truly result in better care for all Americans. It is time for our Senators to reach across the aisle and work to fix the problems of the ACA before insurance markets become even more unstable and before more Americans suffer because they can not access the healthcare that is necessary for their lives. 

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To: Senator Orrin Hatch and Senator Mike Lee

The plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is not working. As both the House bill and the current Senate bill have shown, health care is too complex of an issue for one individual, group, or party to solve alone. These bills also come with high costs and rather than making America's healthcare system better, they would instead place millions out of reach of affordable healthcare and worsen the quality of care for everyone else.

As your constituents, we call on both of you to begin working on a bipartisan compromise that will fix the problems with the Affordable Care Act. Some of the greatest legislative achievements in our nation's history have come when people from both sides of the aisle have worked together for the common good. We ask both of you, as respected members of the Senate, to show leadership at this time and work with all of your colleagues for the good of all Utahns and all Americans.
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